Laser toning is a unique treatment for melasma as it uses the laser energy to reduce visible pigmentation.

Melasma is the medical term for patches of brown tan spots common among women. These are light patches or spots that appear symmetrically on the cheeks and around the eyes. These are generally a result of hormonal changes during the aging process or sun exposure. This can also occur during pregnancy or in women taking birth control pills.

Laser toning to treat Melasma is a unique two-part procedure involving the application of a photo-enhancer with laser energy to reduce visible pigmentation. At the same time, Laser Toning will not only improve the texture and unevenness of the skin, but it will also reduce pores sizes and wrinkles.

Benefits & Expectations

There is no downtime or side ? effects so you have the ability to return to your normal daily activity and makeup can be worn immediately.