The Age Summum Treatment is the alternative to plastic surgery for treating immediately signs of ageing, wrinkles and fines lines, loss of firmness, lack of radiance.

Age Summum Treament is ideal for all women who wish to appear younger than their age.

Your beauty therapist will recommend you one Age Summum treatment to immediately correct signs of ageing and one treatment every three weeks for lasting results.

To prolong the treatment benefits, she will prescribe products suited to your skin and beauty objectives.

Benefits & Expectations

In less than 1 hour of treatment, the face appears several years younger:

  • The skin’s surface looks more youthful.
  • Wrinkles and fine lines are filled in and immediately smoothed away.
  • Skin texture is refined and the skin recovers a youthful radiant glow.

Scientific test results* (after 3 treatments):

  • a 49.4% average decrease in wrinkle depth is noted
  • a 42.6% average increase in skin firmness is noted
  • a 87.7% average increase in elasticity is noted

* Panel of 10 subjects